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Having known Andrea as a friend and running coach, I highly recommend her services. Andrea has a passion and knowledge of running that is unprecedented! Andrea has gained valuable knowledge from having a very successful running career through high school, college, and post collegiate road racing. Now that Andrea is a wife and mother, she understands the need for balance in running. Having these experiences allows her to create schedules for all abilities and goals. Her passion allows her to be encouraging and understanding. 
The adjectives good, great and super all come to mind when trying to describe Andrea's coaching. However, she has meant so much  more to my running career. Andrea started coaching me in early 2012, before my first full marathon (4:15). We improved my half marathon time from 2:46 to 1:45. Her weekly training plans have kept me on track. She has wisely coached me back from injury, motivated me through the highs and lows of road racing and has always shown a concern for my running goals. There is no way I could have obtained my present level of running fitness without her guidance.
After running the FL Ragnar Relay, I was excited about running the TN Ragnar Relay, but needed the help with my training. Andrea custom designed a training plan to fit my schedule, running capabilities and goals. After completing Andrea's training I was able to exceed my goals for all 3 legs of the relay. I was so much better prepared and performed so much better in the TN relay than in FL, thanks to Andrea. I highly recommend her training to anyone looking to improve  their running or overall fitness level. Andrea is great at what she does and a fantastic encourager.
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Andrea Hall
Nashville, TN